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20 Point Inspection

Comprehensive, Complimentary Inspection

Town Center Automotive is the place to find the best, most comprehensive inspection for your vehicle. With our famous 20-point inspection, you get a team of trained technicians to examine a wide variety of systems and components both inside and outside your vehicle.


The Inspection:

  1. Front and rear windshield wiper blades
  2. Front and rear windshield washer fluid
  3. Front, rear, and side exterior lights
  4. Fluid leaks in all systems and components
  5. Brake fluid level and condition
  6. Power steering fluid level and condition
  7. Transmission fluid level and condition
  8. Antifreeze fluid level, condition, strength, ph test, and electrolysis
  9. Cooling system radiator, pressure cap, hoses, clamps, water pump, thermostat, and heater core
  10. Drive belts, belt tensioner, and pulleys
  11. Air filter and breather filter
  12. Car horn
  13. Battery, cables, terminals
  14. Differential fluid level and condition
  15. Shocks, struts, torsion bars, suspension components, bushings, and joints
  16. CV joints, boots, drive axles, drive line universal joints
  17. Brake friction material front, lines, hoses, fittings
  18. Brake friction material rear, lines, hoses, fittings
  19. Tire tread depth
  20. Tire condition and adjust all tires’ air pressure to manufacturers specifications or other customer-desired setting

When to Bring in Your Vehicle

How do you know when to bring in your vehicle for an inspection? One of the first places to start is with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Most manufacturers will recommend it at specific time or mileage intervals, for example annually, or perhaps every 20,000 miles. Older vehicles should be inspected more frequently than newer vehicles to avoid problems.

In addition to the manufacturer’s recommendations, think about the way you drive the car. Driving conditions, such as a lot of stop-and-go driving, or hauling heavy loads, can contribute to more wear and tear on the vehicle and necessitate more frequent check-ups.

You can also pay attention to the way your vehicle is running, and bring it in if you notice anything different. For example, a car that stalls frequently, experiences rough idling or catches during acceleration, or experiences difficulty starting the engine can all be signs of bigger potential problems. In addition, listen for suspicious sounds like high-pitched squealing at low speeds, grinding, or other noises that you have never heard before.

Catching these things early and bringing your vehicle in for a complimentary comprehensive 20-point inspection from the experts at Town Center Automotive may help avoid more costly repairs in the future.