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Check Engine Light

A Check Engine Warning

One of the most ambiguous indicators in your vehicle is the “check engine” light—it can mean a wide variety of things from a serious problem inside your engine to a simple loose gas cap or other easy fix. Unfortunately, when you’re driving around and that light comes on, it’s hard to know which it is.

The check engine light is part of your car’s onboard diagnostics system (OBD), a complex computer that monitors everything from engine speed and fuel mixture to ignition timing, and transmissions. Some problems that the computer identifies can be easily and quickly fixed internally, others require the eye of a trained technician to find the problem and fix it. Generally when the OBD has a problem, it will record a trouble code inside its memory to indicate where and what happened while simultaneously informing you by turning on the light.

Checking Out the Check Engine Light

If you see the light, take note of whether you noticed any major changes in the operation of your vehicle. When the light comes on, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop and pull over immediately; however, if you notice something strange about the way your vehicle is operating, you should pull over for safety.

If you don’t notice a sudden change, the best thing to do is bring your car or truck in for a diagnostic test and inspection by the experts at Town Center Automotive. Just because you don’t notice anything wrong right away doesn’t mean you can ignore the light; schedule an appointment or bring in your car right away to avoid damaging critical components of your car that could add up to expensive repairs.

Using specialized scanners, our technicians can identify the trouble code and what will be required to repair it. Sometimes it could be a very simple fix, while other times it may require more extensive repairs. Either way, you will get fast, friendly service from highly trained automotive professionals at Town Center Automotive.