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Preventive maintenance

Preventing Vehicle Problems

Scheduling the right preventive maintenance on your vehicle can pay dividends down the road—not only by helping you avoid expensive repairs and major overhauls, but also by improving your vehicle’s day-to-day operation and saving you money at the pump by maximizing your gas mileage.

The right preventive maintenance keeps all your vehicle systems and features functioning correctly, ensuring your vehicle starts, runs, and stops properly, and can be critical for maintaining your vehicle’s warranty. Preventive maintenance isn’t something that you can wait until the car is having problems or showing signs of wear to do, it’s something that must be done from the time the vehicle is new.

In addition to avoiding costly repairs, you can save money every day with preventive techniques that improve gas mileage. This includes keeping your air filter clean, and replacing it at regular intervals, keeping tires properly inflated, keeping your trunk as empty as possible, and practicing good driving habits to maximize fuel efficiency.

Begin with Inspections

One of the best ways to conduct the right preventive maintenance is by getting your vehicle inspected regularly. At Town Center Automotive, we provide a complimentary 20-point inspection for all vehicles, checking every critical system and component in your car so we can alert you to potential problems and fix them before they become expensive repairs later. We check an array of systems, fluids, and components in your vehicle, including some things other vehicle repair shops miss, such as differential fluid, transmission fluid, and fuel injection cleaning.

Keeping Your Vehicle Tuned Up

Town Center Automotive offers you a wide variety of tune-up options to fit every budget, and keep your car running in top condition. Our maintenance tune-ups begin with thorough inspection of all engine components, a check of your on-board computer, and more. Upgrade to a major, high-performance, or eco tune-up for additional service.

No matter what kind of maintenance you need, turn to the trained technicians at Town Center Automotive for expert, friendly service for all your vehicle needs.