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Special service

The Transmission Service Experts

Your transmission is one of the most critical systems in your vehicle, but it doesn’t usually get any attention until there is a problem. In order to keep the transmission lubricated, clean, and cool, and provide the hydraulic pressure necessary for smooth operation of your vehicle, your car needs transmission fluid. Even under normal driving conditions, your car’s automatic transmission is subject to extreme heat, sometimes in excess of 250 degrees, which breaks down the lubricating properties of transmission fluid, leaving varnish on the valves and interfering with smooth transmission operation.

When You Need Service

The best way to know whether your transmission needs service is to pay attention to your vehicle. Ignoring the signs of a failing transmission can lead to expensive repairs in the future. Listen for strange noises while driving, pay attention to the way the car feels when it is shifting, and be mindful of slipping, or late or early shifting.

You can also find out whether you need to change transmission fluid by having it checked. The experts at Town Center Automotive will check transmission fluid as part of our complimentary 20-point inspection, and can look for low fluid levels or fluid that has turned brown—a telltale sign of a transmission that is operating at extremely high heat, which wears out your fluid more quickly. While transmissions generally run at heats of about 175 degrees, activities like towing a trailer, driving in the mountains, and stop-and-go city driving can speed up transmission fluid breakdown.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Most people know you should regularly check and change your oil, but less is know about how often transmission fluid should be checked. Each vehicle is different, but at Town Center Automotive we begin with the manufacturer’s suggested intervals, usually about every 30,000 miles. Generally we recommend an automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange Service, replacing old fluid with new and replacing the filter every other time.

Three Transmission Services

The experts at Town Center Auto can help you avoid bigger problems with your transmission later with our Basic, Preferred, or Supreme transmission service packages.