Under Car Services

Under Car Services

What’s happening under your car? Most people probably don’t think much about the systems under a vehicle, but when something goes wrong, you need the expert technicians at Town Center Automotive to inspect and repair the problem. Some of the most common systems under your car that Town Center Automotive will check include the wheel alignment, front-end parts, shocks and struts, transmission, and tires.

Proper wheel alignment will extend the life of your tires by avoiding excessive wear and tear on one side that necessitates purchasing new tires. In addition, Town Center Automotive experts can check for signs of other part failure so you can replace or repair parts before you wind up on the side of the road with a broken wheel or blown tire.

Having a proper steering column, ball joints, shocks, and struts in working order can improve fuel efficiency, and ensure you have a smooth, safe ride. We’re also experts on transmission checks, keeping your system properly lubricated so shifting is smooth, and we can check your tires for proper tread depth so you get good road traction and long tire life.

Come in for an Inspection

Bringing your car in for regular checks and under car services is important. If you notice your vehicle is pulling to one side while you drive, you may need an alignment. If your tires look like they are excessively worn down, the tread seems to be gone, or it’s just missing on one side, come to Town Center Automotive for an alignment or to find out if you need new tires.

If you notice that your car continues to bounce excessively after hitting bumps on the road, you may need new shocks. Our service experts can check your current shocks to let you know.

You can also bring in your car for regular transmission fluid checks, and our transmission fluid exchange service when necessary, to keep your system lubricated and avoid wear and tear on the transmission that could eventually require a transmission overhaul.

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